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We can translate anything

Need an urgent translation of documents? Need a quality translationbut do not know where to order it?

Choose FREEDOM Translation Agency.

The best was to contact us is HERE

We are in the market since April 2010 During this period, we had only positive feedback and satisfied customers.

We translate/interpret from/into over 30 world languages.

We provide our services remotely, so you do not need to leave the office to order a translation. You send us the documents in electronic form and we send you the finished translation in the required format.

Due to the fact that we only work remotely, not renting an expensive office, our prices are lower than those of the competitors. Nevertheless, we guarantee the quality and timing of work.

Order a preliminary assessment of your translation of your translation and we will tell you the price and deadlines for your translation.

All our translators have at least 3 years of translation experience. Our company is the only to provide the translation of medical or technical documents made by specialists with the obligatory second dedicated degree. Moreover, a highly dedicated translator is selected for each subject.

The most important in our work is the satisfaction of all customer requirements. We strive for long-term relationships with every customer.

To ensure this:

  • We are customer-oriented;
  • We use CAT-tools that ensure the unity of terminology and improve the quality of translation;
  • We create a glossary for each project;
  • We offer flexible discount system;
  • We offer a special anti-crisis price in 2016!

Rate our work and the quality of our services

When signing a new contract, we will translate 10 pages (English to Russian) for free!

It will help you to assess:

  • Accuracy and timeliness of the tasks performed;
  • Accuracy of translation;
  • Skillfulness and competence of our translators.

We are available 15 hours a day! You can ask any questions from 7 am to 10 pm, except Sunday.

Another our advantage is the comprehensive range of services. We provide text formatting for free. In addition to the translation, you can order the page making and proofreading of your documents.

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If you have any questions, please contact our support team in any method convenient for you.