Translation Quality

Translation Quality

There is a cliche that a translation agency is just an intermediary between the customer and the translator.

Indeed, it is true in most cases. We faced this problem when we started looking for subcontractors due to the overburden with orders in some months. The work of such translation agencies is something like this: a manager accepts documents for translation and sends them to the translator; the latter returns the translated document to the manager who sends it to the customer, often without even a visual review, not speaking of proofreading and page making. Therefore, such companies can dump prices in the translation services market.

We work according to the following scheme:

Stage 1:Ordering the services of FREEDOM Translation Agency. At this stage, a personal manager negotiates with the customer the features of the work, deadlines, customer’s wishes, the translation cost, the methods and terms of payment, and coordinates the possibility to perform the order within the specified deadlines (in case of an urgent order) with the production manager.

Stage 2: Planning. The production manager organizes the work by assigning the translator depending on the topic and specialization of the translation. He determines the timing of each stage of work (to completely eliminate the probability of failure to meet deadlines).

Please note! Each translator specializes in a specific subject (or several subjects). Only after reviewing the text ordered for translation (specialization, subject, deadlines), we assign the most suitable translator and send the document to him/her.

Stage 3: Translation.

Stage 4: Page making (optional).

Stage 5: Proofreading of the translated text (the translation proofreading for typos, inaccuracies, omissions, distortion of meaning).

Stage 6: Delivery of the finished translation to the customer. If there are any comments / wishes, we deal with them as soon as possibly.

The scheme is quite simple but very effective. It guarantees a consistently high result to the customers of FREEDOM Translation Agency. The quality of work is an indicator of our reliability, which is very important for us.

Remember that a competent translation influences the success in our business. Every word of a translation must be accurate and understandable. FREEDOM Translation Agency is the best choice for those who care about the reputation and prospects of their business, who knows the value of money and time. When ordering translations at our company, you can be absolutely sure that your order will be performed with the highest quality and within the prescribed deadlines!