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Бюро переводов вакансии удаленная работа

If you are a translator / interpreter or page maker and know your work well, if you are responsible and determined, we are happy to welcome you to our friendly team. We will always support you while performing the orders. We guarantee full confidentiality and, most importantly, fair and timely payment for your difficult work. Yes, it is really difficult! Almost every order for translation or pay making (formatting) is unique and needs an individual approach. Of course, it does not mean that we will pay exorbitant fees for orders but we 100% guarantee that we will always pay for quality work and will not disappear in a month or two, which often happens in current crisis times. FREEDOM Translation Agency is in the translation services market since April 2010, which already shows and guarantees that we are honest and fair with our remote employees!

Requirements to remote translators:

– Degree in linguistics

– At least 3 years of experience

– Skills of work with dictionaries

– Reasonable fees

– Responsibility, attention to details, punctuality, learning ability

– Ability to work toward a result

– Teamwork skills

– Ability to learn

– High computer literacy

We do not work with those remote translators who:

– Miss deadlines!

– Take an order and then they say that it is not their specialization!

– Deliver translations without proofreading!

– Take an order and then do not answer letters and phone calls!

– Get above themselves

– Send us automatic translations

– Require exorbitant fees

– Are negligent

– Make word-based translations

Requirements to remote page makers:

– Knowledge of at least MS Word 2010 Package

– Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop

– Responsible attitude to work

– Compliance with deadlines

– Reasonable fees

We do not work with those remote page makers who:

– Miss deadlines!

– Phone it in

– Take an order and then disappear


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