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DTP and Layout

DTP and Layout by FREEDOM Translation Agency means quality, efficiency and individual approach.


Our interpretation services are provided by the staff of the best interpreters.

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Professional translation of texts of any complexity from A to Z. Full range of services.

Additional services

Notarization of translations

Notarization of a document translation is a notarization of the translator’s signature on the translated document.

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Apostille is a document authentication by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Civil Status Registry Office and/or the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine for their further use outside Ukraine.

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Legalization of documents

Legalization of documents — Order in Nikopol.

Legalization in Ukraine is a procedure for authenticating the authenticity of documents issued in Ukraine.  The legalization procedure may vary depending on the country of destination.

Discovery of documents

Discovery of documents in Nikopol.

Discover of documents in Ukraine is the procedure for requesting and obtaining duplicate documents from the Civil Status Registry Offices and education (qualification) certificates.

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